Inspection equipment is the guarantee of reliable quality.

We have a complete set of advanced inspection equipment.

For in-coming material, we perform some tests in chemical analysis, we check the surface condition and chemical analysis and mechanical property of finished products by rough meter; PMI analyzer; Hydrostatic tester; Eddy current tester and Air Pressure Test. And as well as universal testing machine.

Visual Inspection & Dimension Test

Visual Inspection

  • Surface Checking

  • External Diameter/Internal Diameter Checking

  • Wall thickness Checking

  • Length Checking

  • Quantity Checking

Eddy Current Test

Eddy Current Test

  • Eddy Current Test

  • This is online Eddy Current Test during manufacturing.

Air Pressure Test

Air Pressure Test

  • Air Pressure Test

  • This test machine can be used to test Coiled shape tube.

  • Air Pressure (Under Water)Test

  • This is additional test for coil form tubing.

Customer Specified Tests & Witness Inspection

Customer Specified Tests

  • Radiographic examination

  • Ultrasonic test (Optional)

  • PT test (Optional)

  • Endoscope examination.

  • Customer’s Witness Inspection

  • Third Party inspection welcome here.