Rooted in the fertile earth of market economy, FangLing people firmly hold high the flag of national industry to carve out a career with continuous unbending spirit in the fierce market competition.
At this inspiring time, FangLing has moved into a new stage of capitalized and brand-oriented period. FangLing people will confront the market with international view and modern enterprise management tool in order to build an outstanding FangLing among famous brands all over the world.

Mr.Pan, Address by the CEO

Advancing first and foremost with our most valued asset, the trust of our customers, we will continue to pursue true customer satisfaction in our role as an invaluable and best partner for our customers while fulfilling their expectations and respecting the trust they place in us.

We look forward to contributing even more to the development of our society, and humbly ask for your continued support and guidance.

Mr. Gavin Gao, General Manager

CEO Mr.Pan

Develops business plans and strategies and responsible for implementation results.

President Mr.Gao

Implements the plans and strategies approved by the board of directors and responsible for overall business results.

FangLing’s Commitment To Our Customers

To set the industry standard for the highest TOTAL value of goods and services.
To help our customers provide competitive and consistently conforming materials and services to their customers.
Value Proposition
To enable our customers to deliver superior service to their customers through on time, in full and as ordered products and services.
Core Values
Customer Focus – Enable our customers to deliver superior service to their customers.
Teamwork – Work Together to multiply our effectiveness.
Ownership/Personal Responsibility – Take full responsibility for our actions. Meet our commitments to everyone who depends on us, and in whom we depend.
Honesty & Uncompromising Integrity – Act ethically, treat people fairly, and communicate properly.
Quality – Never be satisfied; there are always ways to improve what we do. Strive for superior quality in our products, services and the way we deal with associates, customers, and suppliers.

Our Company Structure is as follow: